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The VA finally considers EFT Tapping as generally safe (This doesn't mean they're using it)! Read about it here.

I am the founder and sole Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) at Life Script Mental Health Counseling Services.   As an EFT Tapping Therapist or EFT Tapping Practitioner using EFT Tapping Counseling Techniques, my goal is to provide a unique and different approach to Mental Health Counseling by incorporating holistic approaches to healing that quickly provide you relief from distressing life issues by using highly effective EFT Tapping Therapy Techniques.  EFT Tapping is one of several Energy Psychology Techniques employed by me.

Energy Psychology:

Energy Psychology Techniques can help you move to the next level of healing and help you achieve your goals quicker and easier, and I want to be your guide on that journey. Our bodies are a myriad of energy systems, and stuck energy manifests itself as illness. Various agencies and experts estimate that 85% of all illness has an emotional basis to it.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is one of several techniques used by Tom Porpiglia, LMHC.  He is a highly skilled Diplomate of Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  How can Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) and I help you?

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Are you dissatisfied with current course of treatment or healing? Are you frustrated with the slow progress of traditional counseling methods? If so, I can help you. Energy Psychology Techniques and I get results quicker than traditional methods! You can read testimonials about those results here or on Yelp!

I know that sounds a bit outrageous, AND, EFT Tapping along with other Energy Psychology Techniques are the fastest, simplest and most effective tools in the field of health and healing today. You can check it out for yourself at EFT Tapping Universe.

And EFT Tapping is the best tool/treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, bar none! The evidence is here on this web site, and also at Veterans Stress Project. The research indicates an 85% SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS rate compared to a 40% unsustainable success that takes twice as long to achieve. Now if the VA would only pay attention to our research the veteran population and their families would be much better off.

A 1997 National Institute of Health study based on financial expenditures indicates a significant number of people are seeking alternative, non-traditional healing methods and paying for the services out of pocket because they are dissatisfied the medical community and insurance industry. Besides that, many alternative methods work, sometimes better than medicine. Why? Because many of the non-medical treatments for depression and anxiety and stress work with the bodies energy systems.

I hope you find what you are looking for here. Additionally, I hope to speak to you soon if you are interested in my services. Phone and VSee (like Skype) sessions are available.

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