Ask & Receive

Ask & Receive was developed by Tom Altaffer, LCSW and Sandi Radomski, ND, LCSW, hence the A & R, first letters of their last name. This is also a statement in the bible and other spiritual texts: Ask and You Shall Receive. This process involves higher states of consciousness, and could be considered a spiritual healing process. The process is based on the concept that our higher states of being have answers to our problems and are willing to help us. The catch is that we have to ask them for help, and most of us don’t know that.

The process can be done in one of three ways: Using SUDS or Subjective Units of Distress, a Felt Sense, or Applied Kinesology/Muscle/Energy Testing. I have a tendency to work best with energy testing, allowing for the SUDS and felt sense to be an important part of the process.  You an read more about the process here.

 As with EFT, Ask & Receive is NOT a substitute for conventional counseling and therapy. It is, however, compatible with Western counseling and therapy and all other forms of therapy and healing.