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I started see Tom Porpiglia for counseling in early 2019. I knew I wanted a licensed counselor and I knew if the counseling was scheduled outside of my home, I would make excuses not to go. I am trained as a Registered Nurse and believe strongly in Western Medicine. I was skeptical about EFT but I was desperate for help and willing to try it.

At the time I started my journey with Tom, I was easily drinking no less than 2 bottles of wine every other day. Often more. I would drink pretty much anything in the house. I depended on alcohol to offer numbness from both physical and emotional pain. More importantly, I had no interest in quitting drinking. I started off thinking I only needed help with losing my 19 year old son to overdose (fentanyl poisoning) while I was in active treatment for the most deadly form of breast cancer. Additionally, I had to stop working permanently. At the time I fully believed alcohol was a good answer for me. It did not get angry at me, I loved being numb, and quite frankly there was nobody in my life that was willing to stop me.

Today I drink one bottle of wine about three times a month at the most. I used to look forward to people visiting that I knew would “supply” me with alcohol. Now I am very clear to people who plan to visit that if they plan to drink, they must bring their own and then take it with them. I have no desire to drink other things anymore but do not want it here in my home. I am able to easily stop at a single bottle of wine when I drink.

EFT has helped me decrease my stress about not drinking. I no longer make drinking plans. I no longer use wine as a bargaining tool w my husband to get him to buy into me drinking. I do feel that there will come a time where I will just not want to drink anymore at all. I use EFT when I want to drink to help decrease my anxiety and most times ultimately end up not drinking. In this time using EFT, I have gone from wanting to be congratulated for not stopping at a liquor store to not even noticing when I pass by them now. At the time of this writing, I have not had a drink since September 24 w the exception of a wine slushie I felt pressured to drink. Typically when I start drinking, I don’t want to stop but the single wine slushie was it. I did not want more.

I depend upon EFT for other stressors in my life but in terms of drinking alcohol, it has definitely been the single most helpful tool. I like not being hung over. I like feeling confident when other people around me are drinking, that I don’t want to drink. I come from a long line of alcoholics…grandmother, mother, me. I am an alcoholic. EFT has also given me the confidence to openly admit my problem w alcohol to others in my life. I am medically fragile and alcohol was likely directing me toward a much shorter life span.

Kristy Kohler

I approached Tom as I was fascinated by EFT and had attended a CE training on EFT. Tom, being the expert, I wanted to experience it for myself. The target, my ginger chew obsession. Now, if anyone is familiar with ginger chews you know that they are hard and take awhile to eat. Not me, I could eat a whole bag in no time. Therefore, I asked Tom to help me experience the power of EFT. Tom, who is kind, funny, and warm agreed. We used ginger chews because I’m not ready to give up my licorice obsession. After 1 session, with Tom and EFT, I not only have not eaten 1 ginger chew in about 5 years, I can’t stand them at all. It was mind blowing. How the connection between tapping and our mind and our bodies can be completely transformed. So give it a try, you just might be completely transformed like a was.

Thank you, Tom and to the rest of you, never doubt that there are techniques that literally are magic.


Mel- ginger free for 5 years. Whoo hoo.

I spent the better part of two decades trying to work through chronic anxiety, depression and addiction.  I tried working with different mental health providers who employed various approaches to talk therapy.  I read books, journaled, and took endless personality quizzes. I was searching for an understanding and resource that I could not find.  And then nearly a year ago, I found it in the form of EFT through the guidance of Tom Porpiglia.

EFT has been life changing. While it took a moment to become comfortable with this innovative approach, I quickly became a believer when I experienced how fast emotional distress can be relieved.

EFT can be used to both identify and release underlying trauma and emotional blockages, as well as to manage the acute onset of stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, confusion, despair, etc.  I have been able to manage all kinds of instantaneous emotions that arise as a result of day-to-day stressors, but I have also been able to chisel away at trauma’s rooting back to childhood that have had lasting impacts.

The best part for me is the ability to turn off my analytical thinking. Through tapping, crucial pieces of information naturally arise to consciousness that I had not been able to otherwise access with my analytical mind in the on position. These pieces of information can then be processed and released.

There is a time and place for talk therapy, but after years of talking through my stressors (at least what I thought were my stressors) I was tired of being left with my emotions and no actionable way to truly process and move on.  EFT allows me to tackle emotions head on, process them, and then walk away feeling like a portion of the emotional baggage has been lifted…I am lighter.  

EFT can be practiced on your own, so it is always available to call upon as needed.  However, I get the most profound results when Tom leads my EFT practice.  He has an intuitive skill and nature that allows him to zero in on the most important pieces from both the things I am saying and the things I am not saying.  I cannot sing the praises of EFT or Tom enough to do either justice.  They are the only solutions I have found for successfully working through struggles that had otherwise felt insurmountable. 

Kristina R.

Life Script/Tom literally saved my life. As a Veteran with service-connected PTSD and all the ugly tentacles that go along with that, paired with an extremely stressful couple years, I was very close to the proverbial breaking point. With a wealth of knowledge, skills, experience, empathy and compassion as well as an uncanny ability to “read between the lines” Tom has not only brought me back from the brink but far beyond and to a life that’s not only being survived but being lived. Years of traditional therapies…talk, exposure, CBT and more were of little to no help; EFT when done under the expertise of someone like Tom is a lifesaver – again, quite literally.

Chris Renfro Buff

EFT is a Great process. I have found many benefits because of Tom’s expertise. I would NEVER go back to a regular counselor now that just sits and talks and listens and I talked. It takes FOREVER.

EFT is something you can do on your own; However, because of Tom’s expertise and training, I know there are things I would probably never have discovered and worked through without him. He is very well skilled in what he does and loves what he does.

He is diligently serving, still as a soldier – without a uniform, assisting those who have been in battle and doing all he can do in assistance with others to get EFT for the Veterans through the government. It would be Such a Blessing for those who now are suffering emotionally and mentally. This I can vouch from my own experience with the process.

However, EFT is not just for physical war as in Iraq and such places, it is for inner wars most of us all have. If you know of anyone, or you yourself have any challenges.. I highly suggest Tom for assistance. If you don’t have any challenges.. Bless you.. we need to talk 🙂

Many of you are not in Rochester. EFT can be done on the phone as well. I can vouch for that as well.

PTSD for soldiers comes in more than one variety.

Battle fatigue is what demands treatment. The veteran can no longer be a soldier, and in fact has a very hard time being anything else. This is the shattered soldier.

I’m going to suggest and name another variety: I’ll call it the Perfect soldier.

  • The soldier adapts to nightmares by never sleeping deeply. Whenever a dream starts he awakens to avoid all nightmares.
  • This soldier never allows his thoughts to revisit the horrors behind him. This shuts off the guilt and remorse.
  • This soldier is always on alert and his unconscious pushes him to be “combat ready” at the first hint of conflict.
  • This is what makes veterans better soldiers. Always ready. No hesitation or remorse. To the military this is not an affliction. Not PTSD because there is no D for disorder.

What does make this a disorder is that it stays with the soldier when he takes off the uniform. 35 years after I got out of the service:

  • I never slept more than 3 hours at a stretch.
  • At the slightest provocation I was “combat ready” 
  • I banished any thought of combat.

A loved one pushed me into EFT therapy, thinking that if I slept better I would be easier to get along with. Once I got the hang of it I spent many hours alone, retracing my steps around combat zones. I gradually figured out that I was looking for memories of horror. When the pain was gone from a memory I went looking for another. I also figured out that I could use EFT to blunt the “combat ready” reactions that I had in day-to-day living. As I cleared out more memories I stopped having “combat ready”reactions. I went through whole days without my hands shaking from an adrenalin rush. I began to realize how unpleasant that “combat ready” reaction was, not just for the people around me, but for me too.

For 35 years I was hard to get along with. Divorced, fired, and feared by my children because I over-reacted to any provocation. Six hours of therapy gave me the tools to change.

George Peters

If you truly want to pull away the onion, get to the bottom of the traumas and have them no longer determine how you think, feel and behave, then work with Tom and particularly Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). You will experience relief, quickly and your life experiences will change for the better. Tom if very qualified and an expert at using EFT. He is also a compassionate, kind man.


testimonies, smoking cessation, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques

Thank you for introducing me to Emotional Freedom Technique and Tapas Acupressure Technique. I am now smoke free for almost 2 years and have ended a destructive, long-term relationship with your help and the use of these tools. I feel good and am much happier.

Kathy St. George

testimonies, smoking cessation, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques

Tom helped me to become a non-smoker using EFT. After many attempts to quit smoking, Tom’s way was the only technique that left me certain I will remain a non-smoker.

Julia Allen


Tom – I had so much trauma and “core issues” in my life 5 years ago and you (with EFT) were a HUGE help. Now I am one very happy lady, living a dream life with the love of my life!

Bless You,
Elizabeth Blades

I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in 1989. It was pretty well managed until approximately 2003, when the symptoms gradually worsened and became manageable only with strong dosing of Prednisone (a systemic steroid), Entocort, (a localized release steroid) and Lomotil (an anti-diarrheal). At the worst of this I was making 20 + trips to the bathroom daily, lots of pain, difficult to even function, let alone hold down a job and be a parent. I participated in several experimental drug programs through my gastrointestinal specialist, but found little, if any relief. Eastern medicine practices were also explored as well as herbal products, again without substantial relief. The steroid caused at least a 20 pound weight gain, and the damage done to bone density is apparent. Not a good life!

I came across EFT and Tom Porpiglia through a family member who was researching healing methodology for Multiple Sclerosis. I will say straight out that I am probably one of the most skeptical persons on the planet; it all just seemed too “out there” to be real. Desperation set in and I scheduled a few appointments with Tom (this was after my own research of the concept) and explored the basics.

The first few sessions were eye-openers; just for the value of discovery of so many things I was repressing or unaware of – unrelated to chronic disease ­ just a big bag of rocks that I did not need to have on my back. Probably the first thing that began to happen is loads of stress and anxiety began to fall away, and my health began to improve. And guess what? I stopped tapping, (remember, I was feeling better?) and bingo ­ the Crohns was back. I dug in a little deeper, exploring different affirmations and statements, (by now I was tapping on my own) making a little progress here and there physically, and with the emotional baggage. But my health (physical and emotional) continued to improve.

In September/2008, I began to reduce dosing on the Prednisone, (not a good idea to stop all at one) and was completely off it by the end of January/2009. Then the Entocort, (again ­ it is a slow weaning process) until stopping completely at the end of July/2009. I should also mention that part of the management of this ugly chronic disease is a regular colonoscopy, in my case, yearly. The last 3 years have indicated moderate to severe involvement of large and small intestines. The latest, in May/2009, had backed off the mild to moderate involvement.

And so, I continue tapping, once a day. Every now and then I may tap on a specific point during the day if a problem pops up, and I am constantly amazed at how quickly I can back it right down again. Right now, I am not even really focusing on the Crohns disease, but rather balancing energies for overall health.

Yours truly,
A Believer

Hi Tom,
I want to thank you for all the hard work and effort you put in to working with my spouse and I, especially appreciating all the help and suggestions you made for improving my life and coping abilities with the PTSD and DID. The idea that I was so challenged by my past experiences and these disorders did not exist within me.

I have come to realize through your help that having these disorders is not a life sentence and that I can live a happy and healthy life! I now see that the universe gives me what I need and it will never let me down!!! That is a faith I did not have when I entered your office. I am glad to have a faith like that again!!! I know I did have that faith before grandpa died, S. entered my life, and issues with M. It is great to have something back that I lost!!

Name withheld by request

Working with Tom Porpiglia has helped me to find my inner congruence. Tom provides a completely safe space for personal exploration. He asks powerful questions to help me determine my own best course for achieving my goals. Tom also shares his knowledge in non-judgmental ways to help me find solutions to my own questions. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the tools of EFT and other skills that Tom shared with me. Overall, working with Tom has helped me find ways to feel better on the inside so I can heal and feel better on the outside.

Claire Eirmann, Life Coach
Inspired Focus Holistics

Before I came to you, there was so much turmoil going on inside of me that all of my energy went to keeping it in so no one else would know. Very few people knew I had things on my mind at all and no one knew the full scope of what I was dealing with. Not even me.

Coming to see you took a huge effort on my part. Even though I had seen the results of your work, I couldn’t get past the ‘lie down on the couch and tell me how much you hate your mother’ image that I had about counselors. I also wasn’t looking to develop a dependency on someone, which I had also seen before. After the first session, I knew I was in good hands, so to speak.

Each of my sessions with you using EFT were absolutely amazing. The results were immediate and I felt transformed after each one. I left each session feeling like I’d just experienced the greatest thing on earth. EFT helped me make important changes in my life and things were moving forward for the first time in a long time. I was able to witness the fact that the past does not need to rule the present or the future.

EFT helped me let go of so many things. It would be easy to say that they were holding me back when in fact, it was me that was holding on to them. I felt like more was right with the world than not when we ended our sessions.

Tom, the true test of EFT came after the sessions. The mind is a very powerful thing and even though I had experienced these transformations, I started to wonder if it wasn’t just a case of mind over matter. Had I made myself believe that EFT had worked simply because I wanted it to? Now that I wasn’t tapping would I still feel like I was in control? Would I be right back where I started if I ended up in a crisis?

None of my old issues resurfaced but there were new ones just waiting to put me to the test. Financial issues, the death of another friend, job issues, food issues, a missed opportunity that truly meant a lot to me. They all knocked on my door carrying suitcases for the long stay. Tom, I am happy to say that thanks to the tools I was given through EFT, I was able to deal with them right at the doorstep and then send them packing. I haven’t tapped since I left you and I didn’t have to. The tools I was given through my EFT sessions are there for good.

Some of my accomplishments since I left you are that I wrote and performed a scene for my acting group that was very well received, I quit my job that was causing so much stress and I’m working on my own business, I’m writing a book, my house stays clean, I’m in a new relationship that seems to be working well, and as I’m writing this, I’m munching on a bran muffin, an apple, and a glass of water as opposed to my old donut, candy bar, and soda breakfast!

I would encourage anyone who has issues that they can’t seem to overcome on their own to try EFT. In my case, EFT allowed me to be open to different instruments to help me make changes that I didn’t believe were possible before. I suppose it’s like when you work out with weights. After you’ve developed the strength, you still need to use a hammer to drive a nail into a board. Before EFT, I wouldn’t even pick up the hammer because I didn’t think I could drive that nail in. Now I have the strength to use the hammer, the screwdriver, and even some power tools to do great things in my life and I’m not done yet. I’m building the life for me that I now believe I can have.

Tom, I am very pleased to have met you and I recommend your services to anyone I know that’s in need. Of course, like me, that have to make that move in their own time. It’s difficult for them to see a lot of the changes in me because they never knew the problems I had in the beginning. I guess when they’re ready, they will make the call and begin to change their lives for the better.

Thanks again for everything, Tom!

Kim M

Tom really helped me to change my life. I came to see him with serious self-esteem and money issues and skillfully using EFT, Tom helped me to dissolve the negative thought patterns that were creating the major problems in my life. Now, I am feeling and acting differently than when I first came in, and am confident this will result in concrete changes in my life. I owe Tom a true debt of gratitude.

I would recommend Tom as a caring, qualified, effective counselor to anyone seeking help and a positive change in their life.

Michael F.

I have been in recovery programs for 13 years. In that time, I made great progress in areas that greatly improved the quality of my life and self-esteem. However, I had some patterns in my behavior that were causing me great pain and discomfort. I was unable to make any progress with certain issues after years of therapy and was pushing loved ones away. It was clear to me that these were old patterns that I could not seem to break.

I started seeing Tom to look at these issues and made wonderful progress. I am finally comfortable most of the time and have learned to love myself. Tom has helped me grow tremendously as a man. I have been able to greatly improve relationships with loved ones.

Kevin Smith

I just wanted to send you a short note to thank-you for all your help during the end of 1998. We only had about 10 sessions, but they were very beneficial. I recently met someone that is going through some hard times, and it made me realize just how far I’ve come, and how much you helped. I wish you continued success.

Name withheld for purposes of confidentiality.

Thanks for the article on Transactional Analysis. I read “Games People Play” about 15 years ago and had forgotten most of it. My needs and environment are very different now and I will use your prompt as an opportunity to review these “straight forward” concepts and tools to better my relationships. I also want to thank you for your counseling last year (1998). Your assistance, especially with diagnosing my ADHD has helped me tremendously when reviewing and planning my course in life.


I’ve been seeing Tom on and off for several years now. We meet, we discuss, I learn, I go away and put my lessons learned to practical use, and…I grow!

I feel total freedom with Tom. He allows me the freedom to call the shots. He allows me to lead the way into our journey and he never hesitates to direct things to the places that need visiting

One of the qualities I believe in with Tom is that he cares. He wants me to learn, to see, to do well, to grow. And thanks to him, I do

Joe K.

Thanks for your help. You have been more effective than you know. I am on the verge of many changes started by your challenges.


So often we don’t give ourselves full permission to be who we are.  We allow parents, spouses and the system to shape us.  What a joy it has been to have the opportunity to experience and express who I am becoming.

Thank you Tom, for being my guide and facilitator in this journey toward freedom.

Gabrielle Weiss