Daily Energy Routine

Basic Eden Energy Medicine

The Daily Energy Routine is very basic Eden Energy Medicine.  Developed by Donna Eden, it keeps your meridian system and other energy systems in your body running properly. These routines are simple and easy to do and only take about 5 minutes a day.

Watch the video below to learn the different steps to the routine.  Then, use the process as part of your daily self-care steps.  If you incorporate it into another daily event, like meals, it will make it easier to remember and do on a regular basis.

To watch this video in Full Screen or Theater Mode:

  1. Start the video
  2. Click on “YouTube” icon
  3. Once on YouTube you can click on the Full Screen Icon.

Alternate Wayne Cook Posture

As with EFT, The Daily Energy Routine is NOT a substitute for conventional counseling, therapy or traditional medicine. It is, however, compatible with Western medicine and all other forms of therapy and healing.