Emotional Freedom Technique

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

The VA finally considers EFT as generally safe (This doesn’t mean they are using it)!  Read about it here.

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Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is Acupuncture for the emotions without needles. In essence we tap on Acupoints defined by Acupuncture while the client focuses on thoughts and phrases that define the issue. This often produces rapid relief from the disturbing emotions connected to the issue.

Clinical EFT Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health:

(Data Courtesy of mindheart Connect)

  • Happines improves 31%
  • Immune system markers improve 113%
  • Pain reduced by 57%
  • Anxiety reduced by 40%
  • Depression reduced by 35%
  • PTSD Symptoms reduced by 32%
  • Cortisol, a stress hormone, reduced by 37%
  • Blood Pressure reduced by 8%
  • Food Cravings reduced by 74%

How EFT can help you calm your mind and tackle fear

The Science Behind EFT Tapping with Peta Stapelton, Ph.D.

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EFT for Pain On Megyn Kelly Today

EFT is the most popular and widely used Energy Psychology Methods and it has the most research behind it. It has been used in South America, Kosovo, Rhwanda, and many other 3rd world countries in disaster/trauma relief efforts. For more information on this, visit the Research Page on this web site.

Additionally,research being conducted by the Veterans Stress Project has shown EFT to be 100% effective on PTSD.  85% of the veterans treated averaged a 63% sustainable reduction in PTSD symptoms in 6 hours! The remaining 15% got some relief that was not as drastic and needed more sessions outside of the research.  Conversely, traditional therapy methods have a limited 40% success rate, take twice as long to achieve and don’t last over time.  Some veterans don’t get any relief at all from traditional therapies.  EFT often works when other methods have failed.

Do You Want Emotional Freedom From…..

Emotional Freedom Technique, rochester, ny, EFT, tapping, trauma therapy
Demonstrating EFT at a Wellness Fair
  • Traumatic memories connected to combat, rape, abuse or violence of any type?
  • Depression, anxiety, or phobias ?
  • Food or tobacco addictions?
  • Self-defeating behaviors?
  • Limiting fears or beliefs?
  • The self-imposed prison you have been living in?

Did you answered YES to any of these questions? Then, YOU are in the right place!

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EFT Premise:

The cause of all exaggerated, abnormal emotional reactions is a distortion or blockage in the bodies energy system.

Traditional Thinking:

Change your thoughts and your emotions change. This is not always easy to accomplish.

EFT Thinking:

Change your emotions and your thoughts are free to change. This is very easy to accomplish!

Why Use EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique, Rochester, ny, anxiety, depression, phobias
Demonstrating EFT at a Wellness Fair
  • Can be self-applied
  • No known side effects
  • Is 80 – 90% Permanent
  • Easier and just as effective as EMDR
  • 100% effective for all types of trauma & PTSD
  • Is NOT used by the VA for Combat PTSD!
  • Creates “counter conditioning”
  • Creates a relaxation response
  • The best for smoking cessation
  • Often works where other methods fail
  • Produces neuropeptides, endorphins and seratonin
  • Is Acupressure/Acupuncture for the emotions (no needles involved!)
  • Restores balance to the body’s energy system around the specific issue
  • Corrects Psychological Reversal (negative, self-sabotaging thoughts)
  • Involves tapping on acupoints or energy meridian points while focused on an issue

Endorsed and Recommended and used by:

  • Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk
  • Depak Chopra
  • Jack Canfield
  • Bob Proctor
  • Joe Vitale
  • Cheryl Richardson
  • Dr. Norm Sheely
  • Bruce Lipton PhD
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola

EFT is NOT a substitute for conventional counseling and therapy. It is, however, compatible with Western counseling and therapy and all other forms of therapy and healing.