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  1. Using Emotional Freedom Technique to Treat Veterans with PTSD
    Somatic Psychotherapy Today – Fall 2015, Page 42 
  2. Trauma is Not Forever
  3. Treating Covert Ego-States with Energy Psychology
  4. Why Smokers Have Difficulty Quitting
  5. My Introduction to Energy Therapy
  6. Weight Loss With EFT
  7. What Constitutes Trauma?
  8. Symptoms of Trauma/PTSD
  9. Men’s Issues In Therapy
  10. PTSD Is Not Forever
  11. PTSD is Not Forever — In French — (Louis Szabo):
  12. PTSD in Veterans
  13. Male Depression
  14. Allergies as Energy Toxins
  15. Depression
  16. Candida & Your Health
  17. Energy Psychology for Allergy Sufferers
  18. Enhancing Therapy with Energy Psychology — The National Psychologist — Jan/Feb 2012
  19. Therapy That Uses Touch, The Happy Birthday Song — Insider Magazine — 08/06
  20. Using Energy Psychology to Break the Smoking Habit — Messenger Post Newspapers — 04/25/05
  21. Energy Psychology — A New Paradigm in Mental Health — Rochester Healthy Living — 02/14/06 — page 12