Mission & Logo Information

My personal mission is to create a loving planet by healing “the Wounds of War” (however you define war) and helping others grow.

The mission of Life Script Mental Health Counseling Services PLLC is to help people reclaim their lives from deep physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds using Energy Psychology Techniques such as EFT, TAT and Allergy Antidotes for quicker, easier healing resulting in less time in therapy. I list the reason for using energy based techniques here, and successes with these techniques here.

My logo is a combination of alchemy symbols. Alchemy is about transformation, not just about making lead into gold and the symbolic language is a short hand language for chemists, scientists and medical professionals. Since I help people with transformation, I thought an alchemical logo was appropriate.

  • The Arrow with the squiggly line through it represents PURIFICATION
  • The Circle with the fingers on it and the dot in the center represents GOLD


Emotional Freedom Techniques and EFT are registered Trade Marks of Gary Craig. I teach and use a combination of EFT protocols developed by Gary, Pat Carrington, and Carol Look. My use of EFT is very intuitive so, it may not look exactly the same as Gary teaches on his DVD’s.

EFT is not a substitute for the practice of medicine. EFT works well in conjunction with all medical practices and other healing modalities. Individual results may vary as to the speed of healing and outcomes. I never know how long it will take and the outcomes are totally individual