Ego-State Therapy

What is Ego-State Therapy?

Ego-State Therapy has many names and variations.  Other names used are parts work, IFS (Internal Family Systems), covert-ego states, and chair work.  They all have similar processes as described below.

  1. Utilizes Gestalt techniques where you interpret and reshuffle preexisting attitudes about yourself
  2. Treats all parts of the individual
  3. Uncovers and resolves “hidden” issues
  4. Used with covert, hidden, disassociated, or disconnected ego-states
  5. Works on sub personalities
  6. Involves energy therapies for quick resolution of the issues
  7. Key to resolving trauma and depression

Defining covert, hidden, disassociated, or disconnected ego-states (sub-personalities)?

  1. Parts of an individual that are partially or totally split off
  2. They usually exist out of our awareness
  3. Created during threatening or traumatic events at an early age
  4. They show up to help and have specific jobs
  5. Created because we don’t have the tools to deal with the threatening situation in the moment
  6. They exist for survival and protection
  7. Their engage in very primitive, critical, judgmental, narrow, black and white, over adapted and contaminated thinking and behaviors
  8. They need new jobs or a purpose for existence
  9. MPD/DID are the extreme cases of this phenomena
  10. Can be “retrained” or decontaminated quickly with energy therapies like EFT & TAT