Insurance Q & A

Prospective clients often ask about insurance companies (HMO’s) and why I don’t take 3rd part payments. There is a simple answer and a multitude of reasons that I will list here:

  • The simple answer is I choose not to. The system is broken and I choose not to participate in a broken system.  HMOs concern themselves with at the expense of you and me.
  • I maintain a higher standard of confidentiality by not taking insurance.
  • Accepting insurance means extra paperwork for me.
  • HMO’s impede your ability to access services when you need and want them for as long as you need and want them.
  • HMO’s use scare tactics and scarcity issues to control practitioners and clients.
  • HMO’s create drama triangles where you and I become the victim & persecutor.
  • HMO’s impede the flow of prosperity and abundance for you and me.
  • HMO’s have not succeeded in controlling health care costs and have actually caused harm to some of their clients by limiting or refusing services.
  • We have given up our personal power to the insurance companies. We have to go to approved providers, get pre-approval for visits and tests, and they limit what medications we can purchase, or how much we can spend on the medications.