Weight Loss

 Why Is Weight Loss Difficult?

  • Food addictionsweight loss
  • Lack of exercise
  • Candida over growth
  • Insufficient water intake
  • Psychological reversals
  • Emotional safety & protection
  • Poor self image or body shame
  • Toxin accumulation (body stores toxins in fat)
  • Emotional eating or Eating for the wrong reasons
  • Undiagnosed food allergies often connected to food addiction
  • Unable to change mental picture or create new mental image of self

The First Steps Here:

  • Evaluate for Candida Over growth
  • Check for Food Allergies with Energy Testing
  • Investigate the possibility of other potential eating disorders
  • Mutual decision on a course of action

Possible Courses of Action

  • Address Candida if necessary
  • Eliminate food allergies with Allergy Antidotes or EFT
  • Address Psychological Reversals w/EFT
  • Eliminate food addictions with EFT
  • Eliminate emotional eating with EFT
  • Create healthy mental self-image
  • Address blocks to exercise